Ass Plugging Dick Stroking Guy

  • 3 min

Description: today a.c. is here to fuckhimself and i am eagerly waiting with baited breath for the show to begin. a.c. shares that his job in the marines is to make sure fighter jets are totally stocked with bombs and rounds at all times to be prepared to kill bad guys. this sweet and young looking stud really couldn't appear more handsome and sexy in his goretex hoodie, which he immediately takes off while his hands head straight for his super thick tool that is visibly heavy in the crotch of his camouflage pants. quickly slipping out of his clothes he lays back on the military cot and pumps his beautiful cut dick, playing with his pendulous nuts and inching closer and closer to massaging his hairy perineum. a.c. gets down on his knees facing away from the camera and pushes his ass out while spreading it wide open. a straight guy so proud of displaying his virgin hole is a sight to behold! a.c. stumbles across a purple butt plug hidden in the blanket and proceeds using it to puncture his freshness seal while pushing it all the way to the hilt and crying out with uncontrolled heaves of undeniable ecstasy. a.c. continues playing with his virgin hole, pumping that toy in and out like he's trying to siphon water out of a flooded boat he's sinking in, continuing to jerk his beautiful thick tool edging towards the precipice, but falling back just short so he can work on his newly found prostate a little more. a.c. flips onto his back and lifts his legs in the air really giving a perfect view of his sweet hole clenching down tightly on the thickly substantive purple dong while he plays with his sensitive scrotum and jerks his way to the outrageous mouth-watering orgasm just on the edge of the horizon. it happened upon him almost all of a sudden like an enemy attack, as the salty white contents of his big balls flood out all over his sculpted stomach and sexy pecs, with eyes clamped tightly shut in a vertigo-like state, not knowing which way is up, or how anything could possibly feel so fucking amazing. one can only imaging a sexier scenario is to see him give this same kind of pleasure to another guy. insanely hot stuff!, gay porn, dirty tony, gay ass, porn, stroke, dirty gay, gay porne

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